Ordinary Faith in Extraordinary Grace

Few people set out to change the world. Most of us feel like we're just trying to get through the day. Yet on the same token, most of us also want to make a difference. We want to lead lives that matter. We want to leave our imprint on the world around us. We want to be part of something bigger and greater than ourselves. Often this tension between what we dream about and what we feel capable of is discouraging and we end up failing to launch. Inspired by stories of people who take huge risks, throw caution to the wind, and have stories worth writing books about, we feel like we don't measure up.

One thing I have discovered over the years of being a teacher and a pastor is there is no such thing as a leap of faith. Not really. There is only the next step, and then the next. To do great things, to move mountains, you don't need to have some kind of elite faith reserved only for the spiritual superheroes. A life of steady, gentle pursuit of Jesus will do more for you and for the kingdom of God than a single moment ever could. All you need to bring heaven to earth is ordinary faith in extraordinary grace.