There is no such thing as a leap of faith.

Not really. There is only the next step, and then the next. To do great things, to overcome fear and move mountains, you don't need to have an elite faith reserved only for the spiritual superheroes. A life of steady, gentle pursuit of Jesus will do more for you and for the kingdom of God than a single moment ever could. All you need to bring heaven to earth is ordinary faith in extraordinary grace. 

three ways I can encourage you in your faith journey


On the blog you'll find articles about faith in action, devotionals to challenge and encourage you in pursuit of a deeper relationship with Jesus, and even testimonies from others who are learning to trust an extraordinary God with ordinary faith.


These unique online Bible study courses are designed to help you establish and deepen a time of steady presence with God. Each course combines weekly video teaching with guided Bible study. Start a 5-day course for free right now!

 photo:  esmccrory  via  photopin

photo: esmccrory via photopin


Join me and a whole community of like-minded people committed to encouraging one another in pursuit of Jesus. If you're looking for a group to challenge you, pray for you, cheer for you, and lift you up, this free, private Facebook group is the place to be!  



My life changed when I discovered it's not all about me.

My guess is your story is much like mine. If it isn't yet, I'm here to tell you it can be. See, for most of my life I wrestled with feelings of inadequacy and meaninglessness. It's not that I thought my life didn't matter, or even that I couldn't make a positive difference in the world around me. I just didn't know how to reconcile the deep desire in my spirit to truly live a bold, powerful life for God with the inescapably normal circumstances I found myself in.

And then a shift in perspective changed everything. After teaching high school English in Michigan and serving as a worship leader for almost 10 years, my passion for the Church led me to a choice. It was one step in faith that presented itself after years of smaller steps of serving and following Jesus. I moved with my family to Central Kentucky, where I served as the Worship & Teaching Pastor at Calvary Christian Church in Winchester, KY. Five years later I took another step to serve as the Campus Leader for the Georgetown campus at Southland Christian Church, where I serve to this day. 

At some point along the way I stopped comparing myself to spiritual "giants" from the Bible or the New York Times "best sellers" list and started simply trying to chase after God in the everyday experiences. In doing so, I discovered the deep truth that had been present all along - from the pages of Scripture to the story of my life (and yours): all it takes to bring heaven to earth is ordinary faith in extraordinary grace. It's not about who I am, what I can dream or accomplish, what my talents are; it's all about turning those things over daily in small ways to an extraordinarily powerful and loving God. 

That's why I am so passionate about helping people grow in their faith: because I'm on the same journey. With a heart for encouraging and equipping the Church and pursuing grace and truth, and with almost two decades of experience in worship leading, multi-site ministry, and leadership development, my desire is to continually equip and encourage other servants and leaders in the Church to pursue the heart of God. 


I married my college sweetheart, Erica, in 2000. Together, we have three children, Evan, Elysia, and Matthew. In 2014 our family began the journey of extending hope to others through foster care, which led to the adoption of our youngest son in early 2017.