Bible Study Resources

Take your next step in pursuing ordinary faith in God's extraordinary grace!

These Bible-study resources are uniquely designed to help you deepen your reading of Scripture and your relationship with Christ. Each course combines video teaching elements with downloadable study guide content, all broken into bite-sized daily segments. 

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Rest for the weary - 5-day - free course 

Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known and oft-quoted passages in the whole Bible. In this free 5-day eCourse, you will study slowly through this incredibly rich section of Scripture, focusing on what it means to rest in the promises of God, and how to fully trust Him in life's darkest moments. Start now at no cost and let this Psalm of David sink into your spirit!


Walking with god

Do you ever sense a disconnect between what you believe about God and how that belief translates into everyday living? Do you ever long for the kind of bold faith that sees the waters part and the mountains move? If you ever sense a holy discontent in your spirit that things right now are not what they could be - that audacious, kingdom-of-God-sized dreams are buried deep within you...the Bible has good news for you!

Walking With God is the cornerstone course that was the foundation for this entire ministry of faith-focused resources. Rooted in the book of Hebrews, this course examines what it looks like to live a life of true faith in God, and how that faith will transform your everyday experience and give birth to God-sized dreams in your life.   


Hashtag blessed

You and I spend a lot of time, money, and energy chasing after "the good life." We post it all the time on social media: #blessed... but do we really mean it? Do you find blessing in your life, even in the most difficult circumstances? How would you feel if things in your life fell apart: job loss, financial difficulty, an unfaithful spouse, a terrifying medical diagnosis? Would you still feel blessed?

Jesus launches his teaching ministry - the Sermon on the Mount - with a few short verses that shift the paradigm of everything this world tries to teach us. In this passage of Scripture called the Beatitudes, Jesus shows us exactly what it looks like to live a life of supreme blessing. This Bible study course will enrich your devotional time and challenge you to pursue the kind of blessed life God wants for you.