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Episode 25 — Building Godly Young Men with Nick Dotti

Nick Dotti has always been a man among boys. When I first met Nick at a Christian wilderness camp for boys in the late 1990’s he was a giant physical specimen - a 6’4” slab of muscle preparing for the army. After serving 20 years in the military, most of which he spent as an Army Ranger in the U.S. Special Forces where he led and supported teams of warriors on intense post-9/11 combat missions, Nick retired and began asking God the question, “What’s next?” After a few months of obedience and trusting in God’s faithfulness, Nick’s life came full circle. He is now working as the Camp Director of Deerfoot Blue Ridge, a brand new location of the boys’ wilderness camp where so much of his story first took shape. On this episode of the podcast, Nick joins me to talk about what it means to live for something beyond ourselves, and the joys of finding God in the wildest places.

On This Episode

Host: Dan Jackson - Twitter, Instagram, Website

Guests: Nick Dotti - Instagram


  • Deerfoot Lodge - Since 1930, Deerfoot has been building godly men in Christ-centered community through wilderness camping.

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