Walk On

Episode 13 — Season 1 Finale

Season 1 of the Ordinary Faith Podcast has been an absolute joy! We’ve talked to some amazing guests, we’ve learned to find God at work in the little things by looking at “What’s Good,” and we’ve embraced the journey of pursuing ordinary faith in God’s extraordinary grace. In this bonus episode, Dan looks back on what we’ve discovered in Season 1, and looks ahead to what’s next with Season 2.

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Episode 02 - Ben Malcolmson

Ben Malcolmson is the Director of External Relations and Special Assistant to Coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks. Ben joins us to talk about his unlikely story of accidentally joining the national champion USC Trojan football team.  We discuss the art of being vs. doing, what it means to find purpose in presence, and the joy of seeing God's plans come to fruition.

On This Episode

Host: Dan Jackson - TwitterInstagram

Co-host: LaShawn Barber - TwitterInstagram

Guest: Ben Malcolmson - website, Twitter, Instagram


  • Walk On, by Ben Malcolmson

  • Deerfoot Lodge, a Christian wilderness camp for boys in the Adirondack mountains.

Music provided by: Łegacies - Instagram

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What's Good with LaShawn B.

Crescendo, by Jackie Hill Perry