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Episode 21 — Grace and Nuance with Pantsuit Politics

In a day where politics and religion are often reduced to talking points and finger pointing, is it even possible to engage the conversation in meaningful ways? Sarah Steward Holland and Beth Silvers, co-hosts of the popular podcasts, Pantsuit Politics and The Nuanced Life, think so. With a combination of both grace and intellect that is too often absent in political discourse these days, Sarah (from the left) and Beth (from the right) have made it their mission to talk about meaningful things in meaningful ways, while still choosing gentleness and patience above all. On this episode of the Ordinary Faith Podcast, Sarah and Beth join me to talk about the ways faith and politics mirror and shape one another, and how their new book, I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening), can give us all a framework from which we can enter the political landscape while keeping our relationships - and our sanity - in tact.

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Host: Dan Jackson - Twitter, Instagram, Website

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What’s Good: Tom Brady crying like a regular human.